Anesthesia during pregnancy

Anesthesia during pregnancy  In the magical period of , all the resources of our body we share with the future baby. Unfortunately, this affects not always well; the body becomes weaker and more vulnerable, the hair, nails, bones suffer. And how many times have you heard complaints that future moms crumble and hurt your teeth? They need to be treated as soon as possible, but the question arises; is anesthesia harmful during ?

Influence of anesthetic on pregnancy

The state of the mother and baby during any medical manipulation with anesthesia depends, first of all, on the anesthesiologist.

Its task is to select the right drug and calculate the dosage with a jeweler’s precision. The calculation also takes the permeability of the placenta and the possible “deferred” effect of the drug.

The greatest risk of anesthesia is during the period from the second to the eighth week of pregnancy it is during this period that the child’s organs are formed. The risks return to week 28; here anesthesia often leads to premature birth.

This can be explained by the fact that in the late stages of the abdominal organs of the mother are pressed by the uterus. It breaks the flow of blood, squeezing the main blood vessels. Pressure affects the chest area, reducing the intensity of respiratory movements mother has to breathe for herself and her baby.

The growing body of the baby needs a lot of calcium, which it absorbs from the body of the mother. In addition, the hormonal background and food preferences are changing, and this all can affect the composition of saliva. When changing its acidity, teeth are in danger of rapid caries. But there are also other diseases associated with the condition of the gums.

Infection or an acute inflammatory process will still require the intervention of a doctor and will jeopardize the condition of the baby. A small caries is easy to cure, but the struggle with its consequences will require great effort.

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