Appendicitis in pregnancy

Appendicitis in pregnancy  Appendicitis, perhaps, is one of the most common causes of surgical intervention during . No woman is immune from this, and even preventive measures still do not exclude the risk of appendicitis.

To say that appendicitis does not pose a threat to pregnancy is unreasonable. Of course, there is a threat of miscarriage, but this is not a reason for panic.

One of the main factors, according to doctors, which can cause acute appendicitis during pregnancy, is an increase in the volume of the uterus. This can cause a shift in the appendix, as a consequence, a violation of his blood circulation. This situation leads to an acute inflammatory process.

As a provoking factor, an abnormal location of the appendix in the abdominal cavity is also considered. And, of course, we can not say about nutrition .

In this sense, the people most susceptible to appendicitis development are those who eat meat in large quantities, have a habit of eating dry, and abuse hard-to-digest products.

Another reason for appendicitis is getting into the appendix of foreign objects. These can be small bones (grapes), husks from seeds, buttons and even dental crowns.

Pain right lower abdomen, suddenly rising temperature, vomiting, weakness, shortness of breath and dizziness are the main symptoms of appendicitis.

In later terms, pregnancy pain is localized higher, which sometimes leads to problems in diagnosing the disease, as well as rehabilitation after surgery.

The doctor is ready to diagnose on the basis of patient complaints and examination. A blood test taken from the patient will show an increased number of red blood cells. To clarify the diagnosis will require microscopy of urine, ultrasound. But only laparoscopy can diagnose an appendicitis.

With symptoms of appendicitis, one should not engage in self-medication: This will complicate the diagnosis, may aggravate the situation. Refrain from taking medication, it is better to call a doctor right away.

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