Aromatherapy during pregnancy

Aromatherapy during pregnancy  When , in the body of a woman there are many different changes. However, on physical perturbations the matter does not end. Under the influence of the restructuring of the hormonal background, changes can also occur of a psychological nature. Future moms are often prone to mood swings, and the range can be quite large.

In view of the reluctance to immediately resort to medical intervention because of fear of harming the mother or fetus, to improve the psycho-physiological state of women in the situation, recommendations for the use of aromatic oils are often given. And as the extensive practice shows aromatherapy during pregnancy gives excellent results!

The sense of smell is one of the ways of perceiving and processing , which, accumulating, forms various connections, and as a result, the mood is formed and even the state of health changes.

This is the essence of aromatherapy. Absorbing pleasant and acting on the occurrence of certain sensations, smells of fragrant oils, a person, and especially a woman during pregnancy, gets a lot of olfactory information that can control mood and health.

Given the gentle and gentle effect of aromatic oil substances on the body, they are often recommended in pregnancy. Almost all stages of an interesting situation can be accompanied by various negative symptoms, which are easily relieved by aromatherapy. To do this, you only need to know which oils can be used during pregnancy.

The ethereal essences used in this therapy are highly saturated, and are not used in its pure form. Before work, they must be diluted with vegetable oils, acting in a role, the so-called base for concentrate. Light textures such as olive, almond, linseed, wheat, and so on are applied.

Attention! After diluting essential oils with a base, with aromatherapy during pregnancy, it is recommended to do a test test for sensitivity to one or the other ingredient.

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