Aspirin during pregnancy

Aspirin during pregnancy  Aspirin is a well-known and widely used drug. It is used to bring down the temperature, as well as during headaches. But this drug has many contraindications and is not allowed for children. Sometimes doctors prescribe aspirin during .

When you hear about this drug, then immediately begin to read the instructions for use. But it is necessary to understand that aspirin is produced by a number of pharmacological companies, respectively, the answer to the question: “Is it possible to have aspirin in pregnancy?” Will also be different.

Some instructions say that the drug can not be used by pregnant women, while other manufacturers write that the drug is allowed at the beginning and end of pregnancy. Many doctors prescribe aspirin for the dilution of blood.

Now the effect of this drug is directed to completely different symptoms. It is effective in cardiovascular diseases.

Aspirin during pregnancy in the early stages is undesirable, especially in large doses. When pregnancy should follow the instructions for the use of aspirin, otherwise it can cause significant harm to the future baby.

Aspirin is not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy , as the fetus is not yet fully formed.

Know! With the help of research it was proved that many miscarriages occurred precisely because of the use of this drug. Aspirin can develop in the fetus heart disease, as well as a violation in growth. It is best not to risk and protect yourself and the child, refusing to use it.

Very often occurs in young women and in pregnant women, over 40 years of age. Doctors prescribe aspirin to women who have experienced gestosis in order to avoid pre-eclampsia.

During pregnancy, the dose of the drug is significantly reduced, the norm is not more than 150 mg per day. Take after meals with a plentiful drink. It is forbidden to use the drug on its own, it is necessary to discuss with a doctor the treatment with aspirin and the permissible norms.

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