Bandage for pregnant women

Bandage for pregnant women  Bandage is an indispensable device for providing support for the belly and the correct position of the fetus. He also largely prevents his subsidence.

The bandage perfectly fights with such unpleasant sensations as fatigue in the whole body, overwork and drowsiness, and also relieves pain and heaviness in the legs.

If the bandage is correctly made, then it will easily cope with its task, annihilating the pain in the back and waist, and also ease the burden on the spine. Another big plus of the bandage is its ability to fight with increasing severity, and also to facilitate walking and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

Concerning contraindications, it can be argued that the use of the bandage is very safe, but it will not be superfluous to consult with the treating doctor.

In the presence of , muscle tissue in the abdominal area is experiencing an incredibly strong load, so if you wear a bandage about three or six hours a day, the muscles will not weaken. It is mandatory to adhere to the regime of bandage socks, that is, you can not wear it for a whole day.

It is necessary to observe the break mode after every 3 hours at least for 30 minutes. In the event that the attending physician speaks against wearing a bandage, and his arguments are unconvincing for you, then go to a store and put on a pair of selected models.

You need to determine the appropriate size of the bandage. Different manufacturers use different numbering and in their designate the dimensions.

In order to get a suitable bandage, it is worth adding one size to your present when buying a shirring bandage or measuring the girth in the widest area of ​​the thighs and waist circumference, and then just check the received data with those on the package; as a rule, tape bandages have the size similar to linen.

Also, do not buy a bandage that is too large, since manufacturers have taken into account the possibility of gradually increasing the abdomen and thighs in all sizes when designing the bandage.

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