Causes Heartburn During Pregnancy

Causes Heartburn During Pregnancy  Heartburn; pain in the upper part of the abdomen after fluid acid balance disorders or damage to the stomach layers can be described as bitterness. Eaten foods can be affected by external factors such as spicy, and paste, as well as many different factors such as drugs, stress or hormone balance.

What are the causes of stomach burning during pregnancy?


  • Changing hormones and their reactions
  • Changing gastric acid secretion level
  • Stress
  • Nausea (especially in the first 3 months) and nutritional disorders associated with pregnancy
  • The uterus grows and pushes the abdominal organs upwards over time
  • Some medications started for support purposes (such as iron medication)


Difficulties in diagnosis and treatment


Heartburn; ulcers, gastritis, esophageal fluid from the stomach or gall bladder and the pathway may result from congestion and stenosis. Contemporary methods of diagnosis and treatment are very successful and effective. In pregnant patients, methods such as film and tomography are limited due to the risk of radiation.

Treatment of heartburn during pregnancy


Fight against this problem, which is common and sometimes causes pregnant women to walk around the hospital; In addition to some non-risky medications, we need to change some of our habits and nutritional behaviors.

These methods;

  • Avoiding spicy, oily, and plenty of tomato paste foods
  • Pregnant who has already had difficult days with changing emotional state and has difficulty in adaptation to avoid other stresses and to be supported by her environment
  • To combat nausea and malnutrition, which is common especially in the first months, with the support of a doctor
  • Increasing the pillow height

Regular walking and getting expert support if you still have complaint

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