Cereals during pregnancy

Cereals during pregnancy  The nutrition of the expectant mother should be full with this statement no one will argue. But only for most women in the concept of “high-grade” included primarily protein products (meat, cottage cheese), as well as vegetables and fruits. When it comes to cereals, many consider them unsuitable, because they supposedly contribute to weight gain. The craze for low-carbohydrate diets led to the fact that oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, pasta, bread were included in the list of harmful products. And completely in vain!

Skewed nutrition in the direction of protein is fraught with problems for health. No wonder those who sit on protein diets, experience all their charms; bad breath, constipation, dry mouth, and fatigue. If you add to this set also the usual inconveniences of pregnant women in the form of morning sickness, drowsiness, hemorrhoids and bleeding gums, the picture turns out to be bleak. Therefore, during , forget the word diet and switch to a healthy diet. A healthy diet should include carbohydrates, and optimally if they will enter the body in the form of whole grains. Let’s see what it is.

In the food industry, in the preparation of cereals, bread, snacks, macaroni and flour, bran and embryos are removed (the so-called grain stripping occurs), and the endosperm remains. Such cereals are really not useful since they contain mainly starch. It makes him fat. In addition, after stripping in cereals, there is no natural protein (which, in fact, satiates) and few trace elements.

Cereals are called the whole, which contains all the basic natural components; starch endosperm, fetus and bran, and in the same quantities as in natural grains. In this case, after the transformation of whole grains into flour or flakes, and after cooking, their nutritional value remains high.

Pregnancy is a great time to revise your diet and make the diet more diverse. And do not sacrifice your harmony for this. Count the number of calories eaten per day this will help during pregnancy not gain weight.

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