Changes in the body of a pregnant woman

Changes in the body of a pregnant woman  In the body of a woman during , there are numerous and complex changes. These physiological changes create conditions for the intrauterine development of the fetus, prepare the woman’s body for the generic act and breastfeeding of the newborn. Menstruation stops, the breasts grow larger, the nipples darken.

Many pregnant women in the first trimester have nausea, sometimes vomiting these symptoms are usually called early toxicosis of pregnant women. Often there are the weakness, drowsiness, heartburn, salivation, a change in taste, rapid urination. These disorders of health are characteristic of a healthy and normal pregnancy.

Especially large changes occur in the female genitalia. The uterus with each week of pregnancy increases, blood supply of internal and external genitals rises. Fabrics swell, acquire elasticity, which contributes to their better stretching during childbirth. In the mammary glands, the amount and volume of glandular lobules increase, their blood supply increases, they become strained, colostrum is secreted from the nipples. The number of gonadotropic hormones, as well as estrogens and progesterone, is sharply increased, first produced by a yellow body (a temporary gland formed on the place of the follicle from which a mature egg emerged) and then the placenta. The hormones secreted by the yellow body (progesterone and, to a lesser extent, estrogens) contribute to the creation of conditions for the correct development of pregnancy. The yellow body undergoes reverse development after the fourth month in connection with the formation of the hormonal function of the placenta.

For pregnancy management, it is necessary to register with a woman’s consultation (3 to 4 weeks after the delay in menstruation), where the doctor examines and examines the external and internal genitalia, and if necessary, additional examinations are scheduled.

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