Diet for 4 and 5 months of pregnancy

Diet for 4 and 5 months of pregnancy  In an environment where society, industry and the economy are struggling with diets as such, people are simply doomed to obesity and diabetes, unless future mothers protect their children from this danger in the womb. The world-famous French nutritionist Pierre Dukan encourages pregnant women to impose restrictions on their diet for only two months to radically change the situation of overweight around the world.

According to Dr. Dukan, we have only two methods to combat obesity. The first is a diet. To lose weight, people who are overweight need to do the opposite of what they did to get this weight to reduce the amount of sugar and fat in the diet. The second way is surgical, but it is resorted to only in case of massive obesity if other methods have already been tried and have not yielded results.

During the first three months of , the fetus does not have a pancreas; During this period the future mother can eat anything. The cells from which the pancreas form are “asleep” these are primitive cells that, according to the genetic program, can become any organ. But from the beginning of the fourth month of gestation, the construction of the pancreas begins, and it produces the first insulin. During the fourth and fifth months of intrauterine development, two billion people on Earth received the extra weight.

The human genetic code has not changed for many millennia, and it can not change instantly. The future mother still carries a baby, adapted to the medieval and ancient diet. And completely not ready for food industrially processed products.

For infants who have not yet been born, mother’s diet for 4-5 months of pregnancy can play a decisive role in the future tendency to excess weight and diabetes. Thus, the mother can radically solve the problem and save her child from the need for diets in the future.

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