Dizziness in Pregnancy: How Harmful Is It?

Dizziness in Pregnancy: How Harmful Is It?  Pregnancy is a process in which many hormones and physical symptoms can change at the same time. One of the symptoms you may experience during this process is dizziness. It is known that blood values are different from normal during pregnancy. The fact that the body produces blood cells more than normal, and a new formation in the body consumes oxygen, making the body more sensitive than before. There are some basic reasons for dizziness during pregnancy. Let’s examine these reasons in detail.

Reasons of

Let’s examine the most basic reasons for dizziness in pregnancy. You should be careful about these reasons in order to avoid dizziness problem.

  1. Suddenly standing up or suddenly having recumbency position can cause dizziness to increase.
  2. Anemia is a problem that can increase during pregnancy. Because blood begins to be shared between two living things. This can cause dizziness.
  3. Extremely hot weather is one of the conditions that can cause dizziness during pregnancy. Therefore, it is important for a pregnant individual not to be exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold weather.
  4. One of the other conditions that can cause dizziness in pregnant individuals is to breathe quickly.

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