Does the immune system weaken during pregnancy?

Does the immune system weaken during pregnancy?  Almost every woman wants to be pregnant and taste the feeling of motherhood when the time comes. But of course, there are certain changes in the body during . It has been shown that various changes such as weakening of in women are experienced during pregnancy. The weakening of the immune system inevitably made the mother more susceptible to certain types of infection in the environment.

Pregnancy does not only mean happiness, but also a lot of unexpected changes in the body of the expectant mother. The body of the expectant mother undergoes many hormonal changes for the development and nutrition of the baby along with the pregnancy process.

Changes in hormone ratios may seem normal in some respects and maybe worrying in some respects. After these changes, expectant mothers can be very emotional and may experience psychological problems by depressing them in the slightest distress.

The immune system in pregnancy


Nearly 90% of women during pregnancy are seen as a problem of weakening the immune system during pregnancy. Pregnant women, therefore, need to be very careful because their bodies are exposed to all sorts of diseases. Therefore, it is very important that mothers are fed with the right foods to strengthen their immune systems. So if you say why the immune system weakens, the main reason for this is hormonal imbalance in the body as we explained.

Apart from all these hormonal changes, malnutrition is of course also effective in weakening the immune system. Pregnancy is already exhausting the expectant mother, but if the child cannot eat enough, her immune system will be weakened and the expectant mother may be tired, dizziness and fatigue. Because of all these reasons, weakening of the immune system in pregnancy is very important and should never be underestimated.

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