Doing sports during pregnancy

Doing sports during pregnancy  Physical training during improves the general condition of a woman beneficially affects the autonomic nervous system, helps reduce the symptoms of toxicity, shortens the duration of the birth act and a more successful postpartum period. Its special tasks; strengthening the muscles of the abdominal press; improvement of exertion during labor; prevention of abdominal slack and lowering of internal organs; strengthening and increasing the elasticity of the muscles of the pelvic floor to prevent omission and prolapse of internal genital organs; strengthening of the entire musculature of the body, especially the muscles of the back, which is the most affected by walking, due to the displacement of the center of gravity during ; increased mobility of pelvic joints and spine; training in breathing skills during childbirth.

Physical exercises are shown to all women with a normal pregnancy, as well as pregnant women with diseases of the cardiovascular system in the compensation stage.

Contraindications for gymnastics and sports during pregnancy:

1) all acute stages of cardiovascular disease with circulatory disorders, thrombophlebitis, tuberculosis (complicated pleurisy, hemoptysis), kidney and bladder diseases (nephritis, nephrosis, pyelocystitis);

2) pronounced toxicosis of pregnancy (indomitable vomiting, nephropathy, preeclampsia, eclampsia);

3) uterine bleeding;

4) habitual miscarriage.

During pregnancy, those types of physical exercises are prohibited, where there is a sharp shaking of the body (jumps), sharp turns, and strength exercises. Strictly forbidden to participate in sports competitions because of the strong physical and nervous tension.

In addition to physical exercises, during the entire pregnancy, it is recommended to include walks in the general regime of the day at any time of the year for up to 2 hours with rest stops. In the second half of pregnancy the distance of walks is shortened, and the time spent on air increases, in winter it should be at least 1.5 hours, and in summer it is much longer.

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