Doubtful signs of pregnancy

Doubtful signs of pregnancy  The absence of a menstrual period is the first sign that you are pregnant. Sometimes a woman misses this sign if her menstrual periods are irregular. After embryo implantation, 20% of women experience slight bleeding, and they mistakenly can take this bleeding for the menstrual period and subsequently start counting the days from this point. An error in the calculations will be about a month.

Next, we list some of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy, which to some extent, each woman discovers. Most of them are caused by the fact that the body of a pregnant woman increases the level of hormones, especially progesterone.

  • Extreme fatigue, which is felt from morning till late evening.
  • Changes in the chest area; The breast becomes heavy and the touch to it causes painful sensations; The breast increases in size and the nipples and areoles around the nipples darken.
  • Nausea, which usually rolls in the morning (“morning sickness”), usually begins with the second week of pregnancy or so.
  • Pregnant women become more sensitive to the taste of food and any smells; they often want to eat something special.
  • Increasing urination.
  • Unexplained mood changes, irritation, tearfulness.

Some of these symptoms are also characteristic of the menstrual period. However, if there is no menstrual period, it is reasonable to assume that you are pregnant.

The kit for a self-test for pregnancy, which can be bought at any pharmacy, can confirm your assumption on the presence in the urine of a pregnancy hormone that appears in the urine already seven days after fertilization. If the test is positive, the woman should consult a doctor who must perform the analysis and confirm the fact of pregnancy.

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