Ectopic pregnancy: Signs and symptoms

Ectopic pregnancy: Signs and symptoms  You probably heard about the term “ectopic ”. What is it? What are its signs and symptoms? How to reduce the risk of ectopic ? The answers to these questions can be found in the material.

About ectopic pregnancy knew many centuries ago. Unfortunately, at that time medicine was powerless before this phenomenon, the number of deaths was almost equal to the cases of ectopic pregnancy. Today it is still difficult to recognize this type of pregnancy, but experienced doctors are able not only to save a woman’s life but also to minimize the consequences of this sad event.

With an ectopic pregnancy, the embryo develops not in the uterus, but beyond. The most common form of such abnormal pregnancy is tubal. It occurs in 98% of cases. To types of ectopic pregnancy also include abdominal, ovarian and cervical pregnancy. But they are much less common than tubal ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are indistinguishable from the normal course of the initial period of usual pregnancy. There is a delay in menstruation, the mammary glands are enlarged, there may be slight nausea and a negative reaction to smells or tastes. A woman can be cautious of growing pains in the lower abdomen and discharge, similar to menstrual.

With an ectopic for pregnancy gives a positive result. A gynecologist, examining a pregnant patient, will search for an embryo in the uterine cavity. If the fertilized egg is not there, then it will be necessary to inspect the uterine tube, abdominal cavity, cervix, and ovary. In any case, you can detect ectopic pregnancy only on the ultrasound! If you feel wrong, in no case delay the visit to the gynecologist. Delay can threaten you with serious problems.

The embryo developing outside the uterus has no chance of surviving. Before the doctor who diagnosed an ectopic pregnancy, the main task is to save a woman’s life. To protect yourself, stand on the account to the gynecologist.

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