Flight by plane during pregnancy

Flight by plane during pregnancy  You planned a trip, and decided to replace the long train or bus with an air flight, but you still doubt whether you can fly while in position. The aircraft during is a controversial issue, there are arguments for both, and against this type of transport. In addition to the psychological fear of flight, there are certain medical contraindications, which, now, and understand.

Basic contraindications for flights during pregnancy

Whether it is possible to fly by plane during pregnancy, we begin with contraindications, since if you find at least one item applicable to you, read further the article will no longer make sense.

Gestational age: Half of all airlines of the world prohibit the flight of pregnant women for a period of 36 weeks or more, they also call non-grata persona women with multiple pregnancies already from 34 weeks. The remaining 50% of companies will require your permission from the doctor and the availability of an exchange card.

And, for example, the American airline Virjdin on board the plane leaves you after 34 weeks, but only accompanied by a doctor-obstetrician.

The airplane at the 7th month of pregnancy is another nuance; although carriers do not specify this period as a contraindication, there is a risk, and it is better to wait with flights.

There are special computer applications that either explain in detail every noise and shaking in the plane, or they calm the nerves with the murmur of the brook and the singing of birds.

Know! If you have a predisposition to thrombosis, the attending physician can make you a special blood thinning prick on the day of the flight. But to give up water because of fear of swelling is not worth it. The main thing is not to be ashamed of frequent trips to the toilet and drink exceptionally clean water.

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