Frozen pregnancy: Signs, causes and consequences

Frozen pregnancy: Signs, causes and consequences  is not the simplest time in a woman’s life. For 9 months she should take care not only about herself but also about one little man. But, unfortunately, sometimes it turns out that a very coveted child is still not destined to be born. The reason for this can be absolutely different events. One of them is a frozen pregnancy, the signs of which every woman should know.

A dead pregnancy is termed fetal death at the term of pregnancy up to 28 weeks. The fatal outcome is preceded by the cessation of fetal development. Most often this unpleasant diagnosis is put on for up to 13 weeks. The causes of frozen pregnancy are very diverse. From this material, you will learn all the that will come in handy to prevent pregnancy fading.

It is regrettable to state this, but it is extremely difficult to identify a frozen pregnancy in the early period. There are only a few signs, but those are quite subjective. The pregnant woman can suddenly stop the toxicosis, the breast ceases to be super sensitive. But, again, these are subjective signs. Each organism is arranged in different ways. Therefore, do not panic if you have found these syndromes. In later terms, there may appear cramping pains in the lower abdomen, the child for no reason ceases to move.

The risk of the appearance of a frozen pregnancy increases if the future mother has been smoking for a long time or consuming alcohol in large quantities. About smoking and drinking after conception, it does not go at all. If you are planning a pregnancy, then you should stop taking medications without consulting your doctor in advance. Some drugs are taken out of the body for a very long time, which can harm the fetus and cause a frozen pregnancy. If you value the health of the future baby but work in harmful production, then, for the time being, you will have to forget about labor.

Frozen pregnancy negatively affects the psychological health of women. Especially, if the child was desired and long-awaited. At this time it is very important to surround the woman with care and attention. Frozen pregnancy is not a sentence. As already mentioned above, most often it is a consequence of a genetic malfunction in a child and is unlikely to happen again. If a woman has suffered not one frozen pregnancy, then it is worth considering about serious treatment and preventive measures.

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