Genital area cleaning during pregnancy?

Genital area cleaning during pregnancy?  When the , the use of products such as excessive hot water, soap-shower gel, perfume or cologne can irritate the area. When we say good cleaning, the structure of the vaginal flora deteriorates and the good bacteria in the area are destroyed. As such, the door of some stubborn diseases such as vaginal fungus opens.

When we talk about the natural balance of the genital area in women, we need to divide it into internal and external genitalia. The outer genital area covers the hairy area and the lips, while the inner genital area is the vagina. The acid-base balance of the cells and media of the inner genital region and the outer genital region is different.

Cleaning after the toilet is important!


The most important rule to be considered in genital area cleaning is the cleaning work after the toilet is finished.

Cleaning should always be carried out from front to back, especially after a large toilet. If wiping is performed from the back to the front, germs in the stool can spread to the vagina and the bladder, followed by infections.

Genital area cleaning should be done with warm or cold water


When cleaning the genital area, irritating products such as excessive hot water, soaps, shower gels, perfumes, and colognes should be avoided. Warm and even cold water should be preferred when washing this area. This region has a pH suitable for the acidic environment.

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