Gymnastics and exercise for pregnant women

Gymnastics and exercise for pregnant women  for every woman is the happiest period in life. From the first days of to the very end, future mothers take care of their children. They stop using alcoholic beverages, nicotine, eat right, take vitamins and try to get only positive emotions. Also, special exercises for pregnant women are very important for the birth of a healthy child.

During exercise, metabolism is accelerated, blood circulation in the vessels of the placenta and uterus improves, and this, in turn, increases the supply of oxygen to the baby. Plus, gymnastics supports the muscles of the mother in a tone and physically prepares her for childbirth.

A huge advantage of gymnastics is the preparation of the body for rapid recovery after childbirth. To date, the Internet can be found in various , videos or pictures for exercise gymnastics at home. Gymnastics can also be practiced at the clinic where you are registered, where your doctor will observe and give you various advice on the exercises that suit you.

For each trimester, separate exercises have been developed that are useful for the health of the mother and child at this or that period. It is very important during pregnancy to engage in respiratory gymnastics. This type of exercise also stimulates the supply of essential nutrients and oxygen to the baby.

A unique course is breathing exercises for pregnant Strelnikova. This course is designed to increase immunity, enrich the blood with oxygen, both the baby and his mother, and also prepares the child for proper breathing after his birth. You can do this gymnastics in any trimester. Physical exercises of the first trimester are the basis for the further good course of pregnancy and lung labor.

During the second trimester, the load can be increased only if the pregnancy process is normal. Gymnastics of this trimester requires more thoughtful development, as during this period the load increases. Especially popular types of gymnastics pool and fitball are best suited for women in the second trimester of pregnancy, because these types of exercises increase muscle tone, help to avoid excess weight, relieve stress from the spine, improve heart function and train breathing.

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