Headache during pregnancy

Headache during pregnancy  The actions of a pregnant woman and the appointment of a doctor depend on the underlying cause of headaches. Sometimes several factors influence at once, therefore it is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis. If headaches are worried regularly, then you should consult a neurologist for a specific examination. The most common causes of headaches are:

Hormonal changes. The change in the quantity and quality of hormones exert a strong influence on the state of the nervous system, so during the period of adaptation (ie, in the first three months) headaches are troubling almost every day.

Lowering blood pressure. This is due to the predominance of progesterone over other hormones. It has a relaxing effect on muscle cells throughout the body, including the vessel wall. As a result, they expand and the pressure drops. The brain lacks oxygen, which explains the headache during in most cases.

Increase in blood pressure. Occurs mainly in the third trimester, as by this time there is a significant increase in the volume of circulating blood. If there is a tendency to hypertension, then it is necessary to take preventive measures from the very beginning of pregnancy. Some kidney diseases lead to an increase in blood pressure, so you need to monitor their condition.

Gestosis. This complication of pregnancy is based on a generalized vasospasm, one of the symptoms of which is increased pressure. Also, gestosis is characterized by a protein in the urine and the appearance of edema. Because of spasm of blood vessels, blood circulation in the central nervous system is disrupted, which is accompanied by a severe headache, flickering of flies before the eyes and loss of consciousness. This is a very serious condition requiring immediate treatment.

Great weight gain for pregnancy. Obesity helps increase blood pressure, which leads to headaches.

Hungry headaches. The cause of headaches during pregnancy in this case is a lack of nutrients, in particular glucose. Therefore, to eat during pregnancy should be as often as possible, but in small portions.

Exacerbation of chronic diseases. At many problems of a backbone headaches act in the foreground. Since the load on it during pregnancy increases, it often aggravates osteochondrosis and pain in the head joins. Vegeto-vascular dystonia is also a cause for concern, as manifested by vasospasm and heaviness in the head.

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