Hip pain during pregnancy

Hip pain during pregnancy  Exercise is the most effective solution for stinging hips during . Exercises for the changing needs of the body in this process helps relieve pain and strengthens the body. Low back pain during is caused by almost the same reasons. Hip pain exercises during pregnancy can help alleviate both back and hip pain. Especially pelvic exercises are as effective as physical and drug treatment.

These exercises can be performed both in the standing position by holding the back upright and in the crawling position on the hands and knees. You can easily do this movement during the day, even if you are working, which allows the pelvis to swing back and forth.

In addition to these, in the treatment of hip pain; Applications such as swimming, massage therapy, hot or cold compresses reduce the symptoms of sciatica.

If there is a pain reflected on the hip, the actual source of the pain is found and treatment is applied accordingly. If the hip joint is severely worn and the pain cannot be resolved with these methods, surgical intervention may be necessary.

What if hip pain is not treated during pregnancy?


Experts, hip pain in pregnancy, those who live should not underestimate it, he says. If hip bone pain is not treated;

  • Early bone resorption,
  • Hip joint fractures,
  • May cause degeneration.

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