How to breathe during labor?

How to breathe during labor?  This question interests every woman who is in expectation of the baby. Let’s try to understand this topic in more detail, so that the future mother is not confused at the most crucial moment, since proper breathing during childbirth can facilitate the course of the birth process, and this is the key to the successful completion of .

The benefits of proper breathing during labor

Breathing is a physiological process, so in ordinary life a person does not even think about how to breathe. There is a center of breathing in the medulla oblongata, which controls respiratory movements at the reflex level. However, during labor, this process must be subordinated to consciousness, that is, the phase of breathing the inhalation and exhalation are under the constant control of the parturient woman.

Reducing the severity of the pain syndrome, as it facilitates the excretion of lactic acid from the body, which is a chemical substance that causes the appearance of pain. This acid is formed during the formation of energy, necessary for contraction of the uterus during labor. Therefore, in childbirth, the amount of lactate (lactic acid) formed is very large.

Acceleration of the course of the birth process, which is associated with the formation of more energy in comparison with normal breathing.

Proper breathing during childbirth facilitates the flow of more oxygen to the baby, which is necessary for better adaptation to labor. This is confirmed by good estimates on the Apgar scale of newborns whose mothers breathed correctly. This circumstance is explained by the fact that at each contraction there is a spasm of the uterine vessels and the access of oxygen to the fetoplacental complex decreases, and through it to the child.

In conclusion, it should be noted that proper breathing during childbirth plays a very important role. With it, you can improve both the condition of the baby and the parturient child. However, it varies depending on the phase of the birth process, which must be taken into account by every woman in labor.

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