How to get rid of dry cough during pregnancy?

How to get rid of dry cough during pregnancy?  Cough for all patients is a lot of trouble and it’s hard enough to be treated, but dry cough during is just an emergency, as strong medicines are contraindicated for you, and it seems that it brings relief and warm tea, but for a short time.

But you need to get rid of an unpleasant symptom, because coughing attacks can even provoke bleeding or miscarriage.

Causes of coughing during pregnancy

You know that before you start cough treatment during pregnancy, it would not be out of place to figure out what the cause of your illness is. Coughing is just the reaction of your body to a stimulus or certain conditions. But to understand that this reaction provoked your main task.

The treatment plan and funds are completely dependent on the duration of your pregnancy. It is clear that the child is at different stages of development, and the same drug can be on the green list at the end of pregnancy, whereas in the first weeks it will be strictly prohibited.

You can hear the advice of experienced moms that you can take all the medications that are allowed to the baby. This is not true. For example, bromhexine, which is advised to take babies from birth, cough during pregnancy at an early age does not cure. The reason the risk of internal pathologies and the lack of necessary research.

If your problem is a cough during pregnancy in the first trimester, then treatment becomes the second problematic point. Most drugs that can be consumed even in infants are not desirable, and even contraindicated in the first weeks.

Some can adversely affect the development of the fetus, while others can cause bleeding or lead the uterus into tone, and even cause premature birth. But without attention cough can not be left.

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