How to prepare for pregnancy after 35 years?

How to prepare for pregnancy after 35 years?  and childbirth in adulthood is a fairly common phenomenon of modernity. And often for a woman this is the first child.

It so happened that now we are more carefully approaching family planning. It is difficult to judge whether this is good or bad, but the psychological readiness of a woman to give birth to a baby plays a decisive role here. Yes, the fact is that, with age, the risk of fetal pathologies increases.

But there are a lot of successful examples of pregnancy and childbirth in mature women. In this case, it is important at times to be more attentive to yourself and to know how to prepare for pregnancy after 35 years.

Positive aspects of mature pregnancy

First of all, it is a readiness for motherhood;

When planning a pregnancy at a later age, women are usually clearly aware that they want to give birth to a child. Mature men are also more ready for the emergence of children, their desires and intentions become more stable, stronger attachment to the family.

Usually, the financial situation of spouses at this age is more stable.

Late deliveries have a positive effect on the health and condition of the woman’s body. A major role in this is played by the production of the hormone estrogen during pregnancy, which tones muscles, strengthens bones and reduces the risk of stroke and hypertension.

If the pregnancy in a woman after 30 years is second or third, then the birth is easier than the first time, because the body is already more prepared.

Disadvantages of pregnancy after 35 years

Nature stipulates that women should have a childbearing function at a young age. It is easier to bear a baby, more strength to give birth to it and more time to have time to raise a child before it becomes completely independent.

The older the woman, the higher the risk of complications of pregnancy and pathologies in the development of the fetus.

With age, quite often develop various chronic diseases, the work of internal organs and systems is disrupted. This directly affects the course of pregnancy, the process of birth and recovery of the body after the birth of a baby.

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