How to properly clean the ears of newborn babies?

How to properly clean the ears of newborn babies?  With the appearance of the baby, mothers have certain responsibilities. And we are not talking about a regular change of diapers and hourly meals. Regular bathing and changing clothes, processing of the umbilical wound and, of course, cleaning small ears, any hygiene procedure causes a trembling in the knees of new parents. Today, let’s talk about how to clean the ears of newborns.

Do we need this hygienic procedure in general? Of course, yes this part of the body needs regular care and attention. To properly perform the hygienic procedure, you need to get acquainted with the features of the structure and the most important properties of the ears.

The ears of the newborn infants differ in structure from the auricle of an adult. That is, if you really want to pick up a cotton swab in your ears, then do it, but in any case, do not clean it with the small ear of your child.

The thing is that in the first days of life the baby’s shell is not completely formed the eardrum is very close to the entrance and is not protected by a natural cartilage. This means that one wrong move can lead to unpleasant feelings.

The ears of the newborn are a delicate part of the body, to which one should be treated with particular attention and cleaned neatly.

In the auricle, a natural antiseptic is produced earwax. It accumulates in the inner ear and only when large amounts are shown outside. It is these excesses that need to be removed from the external ear of the newborn.

In simple terms, sulfur is not dirt or a sign of a child who is not well groomed. Therefore, dear moms, take care of the ears of the crumbs, do not overdo it with diligence leave a little sulfur in the channel. For what?. It turns out that its absence does not well affect the ears.

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