How to take a hematogen during pregnancy?

How to take a hematogen during pregnancy?  For the future mother, prepares a lot of surprises and it happens that not all of them are pleasant. At this time the female organism undergoes serious changes, to which, often, he is not at all ready. The most important body fluid blood is almost always threatened to lose its standard formula. Often such losses lead to a decrease in hemoglobin, the so-called anemia.

It is remembered, in the far childhood all amicably regaled sweet substitutes of sweets from a drugstore, which were called a hematogen. It was considered harmless and tasty, and, moreover, even useful. If you take into account the desire of women in the situation to reduce the intake of drugs to a minimum and replace them with suitable products or supplements, the question arises: “Is it possible to take the hematogen during pregnancy and what is it in general?”

In fact, this is a medicinal product developed in the last century. At that time, it was considered almost the only way to increase hemoglobin and improve the function of blood formation.

This drug is produced on the basis of dried blood of cattle or pigs, using certain technologies. In its composition, it contains albumin, sucrose, condensed milk and vanillin. To improve the taste of hematogen in our time, various fruit supplements are used.

Thanks to the natural basis, this sweet product is quickly and easily digested. After all, mammalian blood cells have a similar structure, and the iron in the blood of animals, necessary for the creation of hemoglobin molecules, binds much better than any synthetic drug substance.

During pregnancy, when the baby grows and develops, the body of the mother becomes a donor, and everything the child takes from it.

So, gradually, the kid, experiencing a constant lack of iron, stops receiving enough oxygen. Such a violation is called fetal hypoxia. To help the mother cope with anemia, especially at the first minor stages, an hematogen is often given during pregnancy.

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