How to treat the flu during pregnancy?

How to treat the flu during pregnancy?  In the midst of the epidemics of colds, the question “How to treat the flu during ?” Is very relevant for future mothers.

What if you get sick with the flu?

Which medications can I use?

If you notice the symptoms of a cold be sure to see a doctor, because it is important to understand what you are sick; it can be a common ORVI during pregnancy or the flu.

Influenza viruses do not like acidified drinking, therefore, make yourself compotes from dried fruits, brew wild rose in a thermos, make infusions of frozen berries: raspberries, currants, cranberries, cowberries.

Do not knock down the temperature below 38.5.

Temperature shows that the body is actively fighting the virus and should not be disturbed. The temperature to 38.5 does not need to be reduced, it is against this background that viruses are destroyed.

If you get flu, call a doctor at your house, so that when you visit a clinic, do not pick up another infection.

All chemicals to relieve the symptoms of colds and flu should be started only after consulting a doctor.

The main emphasis is on drugs that are allowed to be taken to children from birth or from one year. So you will be sure that these drugs have passed qualitative testing and will not cause harm to the child inside of you.

Observe hygienic measures.

All these measures will exclude the flu infection of all your loved ones, which means that the influenza virus will not circulate inside the apartment.

With the flu the main thing is to choose the recommendations that you believe in, and smoothly and methodically carry them out this is the main secret when fighting the flu during pregnancy.

If you have a 3 trimester of pregnancy, pay special attention to the presence of edema, since excess fluid can lead to their appearance.

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