Is it worth to do piercing during pregnancy?

Is it worth to do piercing during pregnancy?  Several years ago, piercing was a craze not only for young people, but also for people of more mature age. And now this way to decorate your body has not lost its relevance.

How can piercing during affect your health and that of a future child? Is there a difference between an existing piercing and the one you want to do while you are pregnant?

Piercing is a metal jewelry, like earrings, which can be inserted into different parts of the body. The most common piercing is decorated with eyebrows, nose, lips, tongue and navel that is, open areas of the body where it will be clearly visible.

Piercing jewelry is usually made of surgical steel, which does not rust and does not cause allergic reactions. There are also gold or silver ornaments but they are undesirable to wear constantly.

Pregnancy is not a reason to forget about modern fashion trends, especially if you are young and beautiful. However, not all fashion trends are safe for the health of you and your baby. Let’s consider the piercing.

First of all, we will evaluate its effect on your body in the event that the jewelry was already available before your pregnancy. It all depends on where the decoration was made. The safest place, oddly enough, is the face area eyebrows or nose. The tongue and lips of a pregnant woman have a little swelling. Therefore, wearing jewelry here can be quite painful.

The navel piercing during pregnancy will have to be removed. And it is understandable why. The abdomen will gradually grow and the skin on it will stretch. A navel can even turn outward.

You will also need to prepare the nipples for feeding the baby. If they are pierced, you need to remove the jewelry. When you feed your baby with a breast, he will constantly injure them.

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