Is pregnancy possible after polyp removal?

Is pregnancy possible after polyp removal?  Polyps of the endometrium are often diagnosed by gynecologists. This pathology is considered one of the most common causes of infertility among women. This is due to the fact that, being located in the cavity of the uterus, the neoplasm prevents the attachment to its walls of a fertilized egg.

It used to be that it’s impossible to become a mother with such a diagnosis. However, today, doctors have proven that after removal of the endometrial polyp is real. And women after the treatment can became a happy mother.

Usually, they are detected in women giving birth and those who have various problems with metabolism. Many patients have a history of such diseases as diabetes or hypertension.

Sometimes during a medical examination, a woman is diagnosed with a cervical canal polyp. The reasons for its development are exactly the same as in the formation of the uterus.

Many gynecologists assure that the presence of a polyp does not mean infertility. Although, such a neoplasm may well impede the onset of pregnancy. Therefore, immediately after its diagnosis, the tumor needs to be removed this is the only way to get rid of the polyp.

However, the operation is not carried out immediately. Usually, after diagnosing the neoplasm in the uterus or the cervical canal, the gynecologist will advise you to wait until the end of the next month and come for a second examination. Sometimes after menstruation, they disappear on their own. If the build-up remains in place, then you will be given an operation.

If before the polyps of the endometrium were scraped blindly, then hysteroscopy makes it possible to remove the leg of the polyp, without traumatizing the surrounding tissues. If the leg is not removed, then there is a risk of new growths.

The removed neoplasm is subject to obligatory histology, because in extremely rare cases, polyps can have cancer cells.

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