Itchy legs during pregnancy

Itchy legs during pregnancy  Pregnant women very attentively to their health. Therefore, if the feet are weeded during , the woman immediately begins to look for the cause, and sometimes immediately to combat itching. But is it always necessary to do this? The causes of itching in the limbs may be different, and the doctor can determine the cause most accurately.


In order to understand what a frivolous attitude to the problem threatens, it is necessary first to determine why in pregnancy women have legs itch. The reasons can be both physiological, that is, natural (of course, for the state of pregnancy), and pathological, indicating that there are health problems.

This, moreover, requires careful attention, since it is about the health of two people at once. Speech after all goes not only and not so much about subjective unpleasant sensations, but also about an objective threat to health.

This may seem a contradiction, but in pregnancy, some abnormalities are natural. The organism, rebuilding at this time, directs its resources primarily to meet the needs of the future child. The pregnant woman herself can sometimes experience discomfort, especially when her hands and legs are scratching (another manifestation of discomfort in pregnancy is the numbness of the limbs.)

If the sweating is too intense, when the feet are sweating heavily, several times a day you need to make foot baths with room temperature, with the addition of decoction of the bark of oak, sage, and calendula. This will not only reduce sweating, but also help remove the itching and eliminate the possible unpleasant odor of the feet.

Important! Do not rush to apply antifungal ointments. Treatment should be determined only by the doctor, and he can distinguish the skin disease from an allergic reaction.

Know! Cholestasis of pregnant women is characterized by the spread of itching throughout the body, especially at night. As a rule, cholestasis appears closer to the second half of pregnancy.

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