It’s never too late to give birth

It's never too late to give birth  Modern women, keeping pace with the times, are increasingly planning the appearance of the first child after 30 years. According to statistics, during the last 20 years, the number of women who gave birth to the first child at this age has tripled. This is due to the fact that more and more couples tend to first “get on their feet”, make a career, acquire a separate housing. And only after that, they decide on the appearance of a baby in the family.

According to psychologists, the birth of a child in a more mature age is more favorable than in youth. As a rule, in a couple where parents are older than 30, the appearance of the first child is prepared in advance, and the child appears in the world desired. In addition, it is by the age of 30 that life experience, wisdom, and psychological maturity appear. All these qualities allow you to calmly treat your condition, take deliberate decisions. Psychological comfort to a child in such a family is provided. The medical aspects of late and childbirth have also become more favorable in recent years.

Previously, there was an opinion that as the age increased, the number of possible complications of both pregnancy and childbirth increased in direct proportion. However, in recent years this view has been refuted by most of the studies. The frequency of occurrence of such pregnancy pathology as fetoplacental insufficiency (and as a result, intrauterine hypoxia and fetal growth retardation), as well as nephropathy of pregnant women, is found among women over 30 years old with the same frequency as among younger women. Moreover, patients after 30 years are usually more disciplined and responsible, better follow the doctor’s recommendations. This contributes to the prevention and timely treatment of emerging complications of pregnancy.

It is widely known that the frequency of the development of diseases of internal organs, such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, after 30 years, unfortunately, increases. However, the level of development of modern medicine makes it possible to diagnose and treat such conditions in a timely manner at the stage of preparation for pregnancy and during it.

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