Knitting during pregnancy

Knitting during pregnancy  Waiting for the future baby is one of the happiest periods in a woman’s life. At the same time, this is a difficult life stage. During the woman changes externally and internally, undergoes a complex psychological overhaul. It is wrong to complicate these processes even more by giving up your favorite pursuits and hobbies. Your hobbies will help restore peace of mind and balance.

History of the ban on knitting

A centuries-old tradition forbade women to knit during pregnancy. Imperfection of medicine and the frequent inability of midwives to help during childbirth gave rise to superstitions and omens. So, explaining why you can not knit during pregnancy, scared by hanging the umbilical cord and the danger to the baby.

If you analyze the ancient ideas about the world and the way of life of a woman several centuries ago, one can understand the origins of such a strange belief. After all, women sat down to knit for a long time in a stuffy, often semi-dark room. They sat for a long time, hunched and hunched, not moving or stretching. This pastime did not benefit the child and mother in any way.

From a medical point of view, knitting during pregnancy is possible and even useful. All doctors are united in the fact that there is absolutely no connection between the process of knitting the future mother and the conditions of childbirth.

During pregnancy, women can safely knit and knitting, and crochet. Knitting relaxes, soothes, tones up a positive attitude towards others, promotes pacification. By tying with the love and tenderness of things to her future crumb, Mom thinks about her baby, tunes to caring for him, gradually mastering motherhood as a way of life and an inner sensation.

Focusing on the pattern and counting loops, the presentation of the future product will allow the woman to distract from anxious thoughts, concentrate on the motor skills of the hands, forget about the time for discomfort and unpleasant sensations.

If you knit in poor light, you can over-tighten your eyes. Since the organism of a woman during pregnancy intensively spends its nutrients reserves on fetal development, the forces for self-healing may not be enough.

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