Late childbirth

Late childbirth  Indeed, older women have more problems in the postpartum period, more often infections and bleeding occur. But these are all questions to be solved.

First of all, it should be the so-called planned , which, by the way, is a sign of a more conscious approach to the problem. That is, it is more serious, more attentive and more reasonable to treat medical consultations at a time when she is not yet pregnant, but already wants to have a child.

Many people prefer to be examined together with the spouse to identify any diseases. We are talking about hypertension, violations of the liver, heart, diabetes, that is serious somatic diseases, which, unfortunately, accompany our lives. Most often they manifest themselves in the years to 50 – 60. But already in 40 years with a medical examination, you can find some hidden forms of these diseases.

There are so-called absolute contraindications when pregnancy is impossible under any circumstances. But there are violations that can be cured or at least improve a woman’s condition during pregnancy and childbirth. She should know that everything is worked out, there are clear indications when, what, on what terms to look, doctors, know it all. Of course, much depends on the foresight and caution of the doctor, obstetrician-gynecologist, on whether he will be able to correctly navigate the situation. In Western countries, rarity is not a developmental fetus, but the birth of a child with vices is rare. And we, unfortunately, do not always correctly diagnose a diagnosis, or with a great delay.

If you approach from a purely scientific point of view, the really optimal time for the birth of a child is, conditionally speaking, the age of up to 30 years. This conclusion is based on so-called statistical data. When it is taken, in medical terms, the population of women, say, at the age of 25 and, for example, at the age of 45. If we compare these populations numbering hundreds of thousands of people, then in the group of forty-five, the number of complications will be greater.

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