Loud sounds during pregnancy

Loud sounds during pregnancy  Loud sounds during are the occasion for the experiences of expectant mothers. How do loud sounds affect on a baby?

And often a woman intuitively tries to avoid loud sounds during pregnancy. Is it correct?

The child when inside the mother, begins to hear from the 16th week of pregnancy.

Only by this time the sound analyzer (hearing organ) is fully formed and begins to function. Therefore, before the 16th week of pregnancy (the 2nd trimester of pregnancy ) loud noises do not affect the child in any way and do not interfere with his comfortable existence inside the mother’s tummy.

From the 16th week of pregnancy, when the hearing is fully engaged the child begins to hear the sounds that exist inside the mother. And in the first place it is the knock of the heart, the movement of blood through the vessels, the rumbling of the intestine.

In order for the child to hear loud noises outside they really should be loud. For example, such as music at a rock concert or an exploded firecracker. And consider that the sound must pass through the tissues and amniotic fluid, which will affect its intensity.

Thus, loud sounds during pregnancy are not dangerous for the child. He / she can perfectly show his discontent, and I assure you, if suddenly you decide to go to a very loud concert or go to the cinema, where it will be very loud, the kid just will not let you sit out until the end start jostling, kicking and in every possible way signaling that he / she is uncomfortable.

If suddenly you happen to hear loud sounds during pregnancy, try to keep your own comfort and peace of mind, because the baby first reacts to your emotions and only then to loud noises.

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