Nutrition for pregnant women in the first trimester

Nutrition for pregnant women in the first trimester  Proper nutrition for a pregnant woman in the first trimester should be balanced in order to lay down for the development of the baby all the necessary substances. What are the nuances of nutrition in the first trimester, which menu should be met by the pregnant woman, what should your diet look like, we will tell in this article.

Features of food

Proper nutrition in the first trimester of affects the laying of all the organs and systems of the baby, it will depend on how the future child will cope with allergies, infections, behavior and propensity to learn. Excess or lack of vitamins and microminerals leads to defects in the fetus or a delay in its development. Consider that in the early stages you are entitled to a diet of nutrition, then your diet will be balanced.

The first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy lasts 12 weeks, and starting from the first week, when you learned that you are pregnant, you need to revise your menu. The diet of a woman in the early stages for its basis should take a variety of dishes and the nutrients coming with them. Every day is worth taking vegetables, fruits, berries, greens, seafood, seeds with nuts, milk and dairy products. Such a diet is useful for women and children.

All these products are sources of vitamins and minerals necessary to support the growth and development of the child. Do not strongly lean on high-calorie meals, justifying it by the fact that the child needs to grow, the diet requires compliance with the rules. Your daily intake of calories should be increased by a maximum of 100 kilocalories, and weight gain for the trimester should not be more than 1.5 kg. Carbohydrates from the total daily menu should account for more than 50%, for fats a third of calories, and for proteins only 15%.

Fat is needed for the intake of the fruit of fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E, K. Try to take only vegetable oil, and remove animal fats from the diet. In a day, you can take 80 grams of fat.

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