Pain in the left side of pregnant women

Pain in the left side of pregnant women  You are pregnant and it’s wonderful! Every day the stomach becomes more and more rounded. not only makes a woman mysterious, but also carries a lot of unpleasant sensations, such as toxicosis, hypertension of the uterus usually all these symptoms accompany many women during the period of gestation of the baby.

But what if you are worried about other pains, for example, sometimes it hurts the left side during pregnancy, is it dangerous for health?

In order to accurately determine the origins of the “alarm signal”, let’s turn to anatomy. In your case, the left side of the abdomen hurts during pregnancy. On the left, under the ribs, there are a diaphragm, a spleen, an intestine, a pancreas and a stomach.

Probably, you have often noticed that occasional sudden movements or a change in the position of the body led to acute and sharp pain in the left side, giving back to the lumbar region. The cause of discomfort is the muscles, which carry a heavy load due to the growing uterus. When stretched, they give the appropriate pain signals.

If it repeats repeatedly, it is better to hedge and report the cause of discomfort to the gynecologist. On examination, the doctor will determine the cause of unpleasant pain or it is caused by an increase in the size of the uterus or is a harbinger of some disease. Perhaps the doctor will send you to a consultation for a narrower specialist gastroenterologist, surgeon, therapist or infectious disease specialist.

An additional examination in the form of ultrasound and FGD will help to find out why the left side hurts during pregnancy, to establish a diagnosis and to prescribe the necessary therapy.

Pregnancy is a very important period in your life. At any time, positive emotions can darken the painful sensations in this or that part of the body.

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