Pertussis in pregnancy

Pertussis in pregnancy  During , the woman’s immunity becomes weaker, and in this state, infections and viruses can very easily get into the body.

Among the common diseases that quickly infect a weakened organism, pertussis also occurs.

The source of infection becomes a patient with pertussis, as well as a healthy carrier of the bacterium.

Pertussis is an acute infectious disease, which can be infected by airborne droplets and which has a cyclic course.

The main sign of whooping cough is the presence of a convulsive paroxysmal cough .
Infection spreads from one person to another, the ability to infect others is highest during the first two weeks after the onset of the disease.

People with low immunity and people who are too susceptible to whooping cough, get sick with a probability of up to 90% during contact with the infected.

It should be noted that with pertussis cough is very specific, it is protracted, barking, sometimes it can cause vomiting, nosebleeds, bloating of veins on the neck and can end even with a temporary stop of breathing.

Signs of whooping cough in adults appear fairly quickly, and coughing attacks are usually repeated five to fifty times a day.

Diagnosis can not always detect whooping cough, as often the infected organism can not detect the causative agent.

The matter is that the wand of pertussis lives from one to three weeks, and the incubation period can be prolonged , therefore at the moment of active development of the disease in the body there can already be no causative agent.

The most effective method of diagnosis a blood test for whooping cough, which is a pharyngeal sowing of mucus.

Whether pertussis for pregnant women is dangerous? What are its consequences? As a rule, for a future mother such a disease does not present any danger, however, in the absence of correct, timely and effective treatment, the disease can lead to the development of pneumonia.

In addition, a prolonged and painful cough can lead to a disturbance of the respiratory function up to the delay of breathing, as well as heart failure and impaired cardiac activity.

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