Pregnancy management

Pregnancy management  When the test for the first time there are cherished two strips, a lot of questions. When is it necessary to go to the gynecologist, how to become registered? When and what tests will have to be taken, and why? About all planned examinations during and some nuances of observation, we will talk in detail.

For today, a special plan of examinations and tests, which are required when monitoring pregnant women from the time of registration to the very birth, is developed. The plan is based on general recommendations for the management of uncomplicated pregnancy, established by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the State. In the presence of complications of pregnancy or chronic pathology of the mother, the list of studies and analyzes can be expanded at the discretion of the observing physician. Visits can be more frequent, additional examination and treatment, including in a hospital, may be required.

Up to 12 weeks you need at least one visit to the doctor, at which an initial examination and registration with the registration of the card will be conducted, and receiving a referral for ultrasound and analyzes. When you first visit the doctor, you will have a detailed conversation with him, in which the doctor will find out the details what diseases did you suffer from, whether you have chronic pathologies, whether there were earlier pregnancies and childbirth, how they flowed, at what age you have menstruation, what they are by nature and much more. This is necessary to create a holistic picture of your health.

The doctor at the first visit will give you recommendations on lifestyle and nutrition, intake of vitamins and trace elements, will conduct the examination, measurement of pressure and pulse, height and weight, as well as gynecological examination and take swabs, write directions for tests. In addition, the doctor will give a referral for the passage of specialist doctors the therapist, dentist, oculist, ENT doctor and some others, if necessary. It will be necessary to make an ECG.

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