Pregnant woman’s lifestyle

Pregnant woman's lifestyle  The developing fetus receives from the mother all the necessary nutrients. The well-being of the fetus depends entirely on the mother’s health, the conditions of her labor, rest, diet, the state of the nervous and endocrine systems.

Pregnant women are released from night duty, heavy physical work, work associated with body vibration or adverse effects on the human body. substances. During , you should avoid sudden movements, lifting heavy weights and considerable fatigue. A pregnant woman needs to sleep at least 8 hours a day. It is recommended to walk before going to bed.

Pregnant should be carefully guarded against infectious diseases, which pose a particular danger to the body of the pregnant woman and the fetus.

During pregnancy, you must especially carefully monitor the purity of the skin. The purity of the skin promotes the elimination of metabolic products harmful to the body.

During pregnancy, it is recommended to wash in the shower, avoid overheating the body. Healthy pregnant women are recommended air and sun baths.

Pregnant twice a day should wash the external genitals with warm water and soap. Douching during pregnancy should be administered with great care.

During pregnancy, you should carefully monitor the condition of the oral cavity and make the necessary sanction.

Mammary glands should be washed daily with warm water and soap and wiped with a towel. These methods prevent cracks in the nipples and mastitis. If the nipples are flat or retracted, then they should be massaged.

Clothes pregnant should be comfortable and free: do not wear tightening belts, tight bras, etc. In the second half of pregnancy, it is recommended to wear a bandage that should support the stomach, but not squeezes it.

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