Protein diet in pregnancy

Protein diet in pregnancy  Analyzes help gynecologists timely identify pathologies of . That is why before every planned visit to the attending physician the future mother must take urine. The results of the analysis may show high or low protein levels.

The general concept of protein is the concentration of globulin and albumin in the blood. The protein in the body of any person is involved in immune processes, in clotting of blood, performs a transport function. It is thanks to this substance that our blood has viscosity, fluidity, and volume in the vascular bed.

If it is necessary to diagnose the urinary tract, then urine analysis is prescribed . Its results reflect the functions of the kidneys, reveal pathologies in them. This analysis helps to prevent possible abnormalities during pregnancy. Fluctuations in protein levels in expectant mothers are rarely associated with physical stress, as in ordinary people. In this category of patients, abnormalities are likely to be the result of stress.

Increase in the protein in the urine of pregnant women is a symptom of nephropathy. The disease is a pathological process in the kidneys. His symptoms may also be increased blood pressure and swelling. And if the pathology is detected on time, then it is possible to prevent the appearance in the future of eclampsia and pre-eclampsia. That’s why it is so often necessary to take an urine test during pregnancy. Future mothers should know that the norm is the protein in the urine from 63 to 83 g / l.

Increasing its concentration in the blood serum indicates that the blood thickens, dehydration occurs. The decrease in protein indicates that the total nutrition is reduced. And this is dangerous during pregnancy. It is important that the protein was normal. After all, it provides an optimal function of the blood coagulation system, normal growth and development of the baby, immune protection of the mother’s body.

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