Prunes during pregnancy

Prunes during pregnancy  Prunes, like dried fruit, if used properly, will bring great benefits during . With a small amount, it helps to regulate digestion, promotes the normalization of the stool, and also strengthens the immune system of the expectant mother.

Useful properties of prunes

All dried fruits, by their nature, are pure sources of useful and important substances for the body. Also a great advantage is the opportunity to get them almost at any time of the year.

The same prune, when properly used, works as an antioxidant, helping the female body become stronger in the fight against viruses.

After all, we all do not like to be ill, but for a woman in the situation it becomes a real problem.

The use of prunes during pregnancy in its chemical composition, since this dried fruit contains the entire set of B vitamins, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the baby and mother.

Prunes also contain:

  • Pectin (stabilizes the metabolism);
  • cellulose (cleansing the body of excess slag, restoring intestinal functions, improving the structure of nails and hair);
  • organic acids (increased intestinal motor function, normalization of acid-base balance);
  • fructose (production of glycogen, safe for diabetics);
  • macronutrient potassium (adjustment of osmotic pressure);
  • macronutrient magnesium (normalization of heart rhythms, regulation of sugar levels);
  • macroelement phosphorus (synthesis of enzymes, exchange process inside muscles);
  • microelement iodine (stress and irritation);
  • microelement iron (works against anemia, builds fetal DNA).

Thanks to this set of valuable substances, prunes during pregnancy:

  • Well affects the entire circulatory system and gastrointestinal tract of the body;
  • dried fruit heals the skin, improving the complexion;
  • helps to normalize the body’s water balance of the pregnant woman.

Important! Calorie content of prunes is 230 kcal. for 100 g of fruit. That’s why be careful when using it, if you have extra weight. To refuse completely it is not necessary, as, using this dried fruit in small quantity, you will not gain additional weight.

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