Quality bath for the newborn

Quality bath for the newborn  Bathing a child is a necessary daily procedure. To make you comfortable and easy to bathe your baby, create comfortable and comfortable conditions. The most important thing is a convenient bath for the newborn, it should be the correct form, and is comfortably located. Today I will tell you about it.

A newborn is not comfortable to bathe in a large bath. Absolutely inconvenient. You will have to stand bending over a long time, and after giving birth do not do this. You need to recover from childbirth and take care of your back.

Buying a baby bath, it seems a simple task, but it’s not entirely true. Entering different shops, you will see up to 10 kinds of forms and about 10-15 color variants of children’s baths. The assortment is huge, but the producers do not take into account the needs of the mother and the child, their purpose is to give a bright and voluminous choice, respectively, to sell the goods in any way. How not to get lost and choose the right bath for bathing newborns?

Standard: This type of tray, thanks to its simplicity of form and convenience, has been used for a long time. The shape can be oval or oblong (rectangular). Keep in mind that the size for bathing the baby, you need to pick up taking into account 10 cm + height of the baby (70 cm for the newborn).

Orthopedic baby bath (bathtub with a slide): This type of bath is already with a built-in slide. It is convenient enough to place a newborn and not worry about its safety. Its dimensions are on the average 70-80 cm.

The bath is inflatable: Due to the fact that it is rubber it can be used both at home and in nature. The only drawback is that it must be treated with care (there is a possibility of mechanical damage, for example, a puncture with a sharp object). The size of such a bath is on the average 70-80 cm.

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