Rotavirus Infection during Pregnancy

Rotavirus Infection during Pregnancy  No one is immune from infection with rotavirus infection. Ill with intestinal flu can be a child, an adult, and a pregnant woman.

Infection occurs at the household level, so it is very important to know how to protect yourself from the virus and what measures to take in case of a disease.

Rotavirus infection, or intestinal (gastric) flu is an acute disease of infectious etiology, affecting the small intestine and stomach.

It is known since the end of the 19th century, but only in the 1970s the scientists proved the viral nature of the disease. After the transferred illness in the human body, immunity remains for a short time.

When a rotavirus disease occurs in a pregnant woman, the fetus does not suffer from the mother’s womb. For a future child, conditions that result from improper treatment from intestinal flu are dangerous.

Source of infection

Rotavirus infection in pregnant women does not differ from a similar disease in an ordinary person. The contact-household way is the main source of infection.

The mechanism of infection

The mechanism of rotavirus transmission is fecal-oral. With the excrement of a sick person at the end of the incubation period and at the very beginning of the disease, many virus particles leave that easily spread by the household way.

By the fifth day of the disease, their number is significantly reduced, but the virus disappears only towards the end of the third week after the disease.

It is not difficult to diagnose rotavirus infection; the combination of symptoms, the epidemiological situation and the results of the stool analysis are taken into account.

For a pregnant woman, it is important to immediately consult a doctor for competent care and not self-medicate. Only an expert can give the right advice and prescribe a treatment.

If the situation is difficult, hospitalization in a hospital can be offered.

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