Rubella in pregnancy

Rubella in pregnancy  Everyone has heard of rubella, but, fortunately, this disease occurs less. Mostly sick children, less often adults.

Adults, after learning about rubella, panic, because the disease they have is much more difficult than that of children. In fact, despite not very pleasant symptoms, the disease does not pose a threat to life. A sick person gets immunity and little chance of getting sick again.

This viral disease is manifested by a small-spleen rash, a slight intoxication syndrome and an inflammation of the respiratory tract (upper).

The risk of getting sick is for those who have never had rubella or were not vaccinated. Outbreaks occur in the winter and spring, epidemic for every 10 years.

Source of infection

The source of infection is one a sick person. In this case, you can get infected from people who have symptoms of the disease, and from those who have no symptoms.

The patient is a threat in the first seven days after the appearance of the rash and a week after her disappearance. Children with congenital disease up to 3 years old can also be sources of infection.

The mechanism of infection

Infection of healthy people occurs by airborne droplets when screaming, coughing, sudden exhalation, sneezing of a sick person. The virus first enters the respiratory tract, then into the cells of the mucous membrane, then spreads through the blood. Then it spreads throughout the body and causes abnormalities in the skin and lymph nodes.

Because of the introduction of the virus, the body begins to produce a large number of specific antibodies, which can be identified by conducting laboratory tests.

The rubella virus can be transmitted to the fetus if the pregnant woman is ill. In this case, it is a transplacental transfer method.

Rubella is very dangerous for pregnant women. She is suffering not so much from mother as from fruit. This is a cytopathic effect; a virus circulating in the mother’s blood can easily pass through the placental barrier and greatly complicate .

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