Should calcium supplements be taken during pregnancy?

Should calcium supplements be taken during pregnancy?  The baby continues to develop rapidly during , especially teeth, skeleton, and bone structure is needed to strengthen . If the mother does not get enough calcium during pregnancy, the baby is consuming the calcium reserves by meeting her need from the mother’s bone structure. Pregnant women who do not get enough calcium, pain and spasm-like problems in pregnancy can experience more. At the same time, as the skeletal system is severely affected, future bone loss and similar skeletal problems may also occur.

We need to make sure that we get a little more than the amount of calcium during pregnancy.

How much calcium should you take during pregnancy?

The recommended daily requirement of calcium during pregnancy is 1000 mg (1 gram). If your calcium levels are too low in your tests, your doctor may recommend that you take additional calcium supplements. However, it should be remembered that you can meet your calcium needs with foods.

What foods should be consumed to get calcium during pregnancy?


  • Milk: 100 ml of milk contains 125 mg of calcium.
  • Feta cheese: 1 slice – about 30 grams of feta cheese, on average, contains 100 mg of calcium.
  • Nuts and almonds: When you consume a handful of hazelnuts or almonds, you will also receive 50 mg of calcium.
  • Green vegetables: Green leafy vegetables also contain plenty of calcium.
  • Dried pulses: Kidney beans, beans, chickpeas, lentils, and similar pulses are also rich in calcium content.

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