Sinusitis During Pregnancy

Sinusitis During Pregnancy  During , the woman’s immunity is weakened, which gives various diseases a fertile ground for development. So, many girls complain of sinusitis. This is one of the varieties of sinusitis, characterized by inflammation of the maxillary sinuses. Can wear a sharp, and also a chronic form.

Due to weakened immunity, pregnant women are at risk. Sinusitis occurs as an independent disease, as well as against other respiratory diseases.

So, an untreated rhinitis or cold (acute respiratory disease, acute respiratory viral infection, influenza) can cause sinusitis, as well as a sick tooth or chronic inflammation of the tonsils. In addition, sinusitis can be caused by various kinds of infections.

Allergic reactions and curvature of the nasal septum in rare cases can be the causes of the disease.

The disease occurs in pregnant women, as well as in all other people. The only difference is that the first signs of maxillary sinusitis are not always treated as a disease.

The hormonal background in pregnant women varies, all mucus discharges become more dense, which prevents them from easily separating. In addition, because of the expansion of blood vessels from the influx and faster circulation of blood over them, pregnant women tend to have difficulty breathing and a small nasal congestion. Headaches are often written off for fatigue, rather than the initial stage of sinusitis.

This is the greatest danger: Due to the fact that time is running out and the disease is not treated in the early stages, there is a risk that it will flow into a chronic form.

Sinusitis during pregnancy is a danger for both mom and baby.

This is, first of all, in the fact that breathing is difficult, and, consequently, the supply of oxygen. This in turn has a bad effect on the development of the fetus, leading to the development of hypoxia.

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