Stomach ache in the second trimester

Stomach ache in the second trimester  Often, future mothers with the onset of the 18th week of has a stomach ache. This causes fear and panic!

Many women immediately apply for additional examinations, ultrasound.

Although most often, the cause of abdominal pain at week 18 has a physiological and understandable basis.

At the 18th week of pregnancy, the uterus is already quite large and is almost at the level of the navel.

From the 20th week of pregnancy, the growth of the uterus will go even faster. In general, the uterus is a muscle that begins to grow very fast and stretch. The uterus is attached with ligaments to the pelvic bones and because of the fairly rapid growth of the uterus, the ligaments begin to stretch.

All these completely physiological changes cause a sensation and women complain that at the 18th week of pregnancy the stomach hurts.

If you have a stomach ache in this period, and this is accompanied by cuts, acute pain, brown, smearing and bright discharge this is an excuse to contact the hospital as soon as possible! Such symptoms do not tolerate delay and self-treatment!

If the abdominal pains are more of a pulling character, it is possible to assume that the sensations are caused by the growth of the uterus.

Get the bandage: This will relieve unnecessary strain on the ligaments and relieve unpleasant sensations. Bandage should be worn only with long walks and household activities. During rest, sleep the bandage should be removed.

Do gymnastics: Special gymnastics for pregnant women helps to strengthen the muscles and prepares the body for childbirth. When choosing classes, look at the experience of the instructor and focus on your own state of health.

Unload the lower back: During the day, several times get up on all fours. You can make deflections in the lower back this will ease pressure on the lumbar region. When you go to bed or rest use all kinds of rollers, soft pads, so that you and your back are comfortable.

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