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What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCO) is an endocrine disease of the ovaries that can begin when women enter fertility. In simple terms, these are the hormonal disorders that cause the disease, and these hormones are estrogen and progesterone. Today, it is a disease that most women experience and is very common. Imbalances in the hormones estrogen

Proper and healthy nutrition during pregnancy

Every expectant mother takes care of what she eats from the moment she becomes pregnant. It avoids harmful foods and starts to consume foods that are beneficial for the baby. What are the nutrients that are beneficial for the mother and her baby? What should we pay attention to for the baby’s development? How should

Prevention of immune system weakening in pregnancy

Instead of taking some antibiotics to your body during pregnancy, the best way to strengthen the immune system is to eat healthy foods. The most effective way to make your immune system strong is to consume the nutrients your body needs in a balanced and regular way and take it naturally. Thus, you will naturally

Does the immune system weaken during pregnancy?

Almost every woman wants to be pregnant and taste the feeling of motherhood when the time comes. But of course, there are certain changes in the body during pregnancy. It has been shown that various changes such as weakening of immune system in women are experienced during pregnancy. The weakening of the immune system inevitably