Useful products for expectant mothers

Useful products for expectant mothers  Apples are very useful for expectant mothers. And still, apples relieve nausea in toxicosis, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase immunity and improve the work of the digestive tract. An interesting fact; in 5 apple bones, the daily norm of iodine is contained!

Brown rice is a source of fiber, and hence energy; still, it contains a lot of vitamins of group B (including folic acid). In addition, brown rice contains 8 essential amino acids! The shade of rice is attached to whole grain shells. They also allow you to keep the vitamins in it after cooking. The brown rice is digested longer than its “white fellow”, so, having supped it, you will forget about the feeling of hunger until the very morning.

Yogurt is an excellent breakfast for expectant mothers! It is easily digested and digested, contains useful lactos and bifidobacteria, a lot of calcium. Yogurt can not only have breakfast but also replace mayonnaise and sour cream in salads.

Water helps cope with toxemia, constipation, skin problems (including stretch marks). You need water and to ensure that the vitamins you take are well absorbed, and the womb was not in good shape. In the first half of , you can drink up to 2.5 liters of water per day.

Nuts reduce the cholesterol level in the blood due to the fatty polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 that enter into them. They are rich in vegetable protein, vitamins, micro- and macro elements, perfectly calms the nervous system, improves memory and sleep. The main thing does not overdo it, because walnuts are quite high in calories.

A slice of cool avocado will help to eliminate the attack of morning sickness with toxicosis. Copper, iron and vitamin B 2 will give battle to anemia, calcium, and phosphorus strengthen teeth and bones.

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