Vitamins and Minerals in Pregnancy

Vitamins and Minerals in Pregnancy  As in everyone, the excess nutrients taken in pregnant women can harm the person more than good. A person is healthy as long as they are balanced. Uniform nutrition diets that have been applied to lose weight in recent years cause an unhealthy person.

If the person who consumes only protein, fruit or vegetable only is deprived of the other nutrient groups needed to meet the body’s energy needs, after a while it becomes sluggish and becomes more susceptible to becoming ill. All kinds of food groups are abundant in our soil.

On the other hand, medicines sold for vitamin and mineral in needs both cost us and we have to take them in natural ways.

In order to prevent the development of the baby and maternal vitamins and minerals during pregnancy, the expectant mother should be fed regularly and consume vitamins and minerals rich in foods.

Otherwise, the deficiency of some vitamins and minerals in the mother and baby brings some diseases. For example, anemia in iron deficiency, anemia, cretinism in iodine deficiency, developmental disorders in magnesium-copper- deficiencies, neural tube defects in folic acid deficiency, night blindness diseases can occur in vitamin A deficiency.

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