Water Birth: Benefits and Things to Do

Water Birth: Benefits and Things to Do  : Benefits and Things to Do

In a birth pool or tub designed specifically for birth, births in water are called water birth. Not only to be in the water at the moment the baby is born, but also to benefit from the relaxing effect of water to meet contractions more easily during the birth process.

How does birth occur in the water?

After birth begins, the birth pool or tub is filled with warm and clean water. As it cools, the environment may need to be heated by adding hot water to the water. The mother who relaxes in the water during the contractions can also stay in the water at the exit of the baby if she wishes.

Benefits of Water Birth


  1. Research shows that mothers who give in water birth need medical interventions at birth less (pain, epidural, episiotomy).


  1. Being in warm water provides a sensual relief and increases the secretion of oxytocin hormone. When enough oxytocin is secreted during birth, contractions become more regular and birth time can be shortened. A more positive, calmer birth experience is possible.


  1. Another effect of warm water is that it softens the muscles and tissues and reduces the feeling of pain and tension. Especially with the softening of the muscles in the abdomen and groin can ease birth.


  1. Being in the water gives a psychological feeling of trust and the mothers who feel safer can feel more comfortable, free and strong during childbirth.


  1. Developed in an environment full of water for 9 months, the baby is born into warm water can experience a softer transition. It is observed that babies born in water are a little calmer than other babies.

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